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Laine wool rug white woven

Laine wool rug white woven

  • Laine wool rug white woven
  • Laine wool rug black woven
  • Laine wool rug brown woven
  • Sera Helsinki Laine wool rug
  • Laine-villamatto valkoinen punottu
  • Laine wool rug black knotted
  • Laine wool rug brown knotted
  • Sera Helsinki Laine wool rug has inspiring design

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Laine rug in the Archipelago collection has been designed by Anna Pirkola. The carpet's stunning graphic look creates a very special atmosphere. Inspired by the archipelago and the sea, the rug delights with its creative look.

Sera Helsinki's wool rugs are hand-woven from pure raw materials. Wool is not dyed or bleached, so it is ecological and natural. It is spun by hand and pruned by mothers and women with disabilities.

The wool is native to the northern highlands of Ethiopia, where shepherds care for sheep. This guarantees the sheep natural conditions in the field.



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