All information provided by the customer in our online service is protected both online and offline.

All sensitive information you provide will be protected by encryption to prevent it from being accessed by anyone outside. We use SSL encryption, which is the most commonly used encryption system on the Internet and is used by, among others, online banks to secure their own data transmission.

Payment and transactions in our online store are secure, as the customer's bank or credit card numbers are not passed on to us, nor do we keep them in our register. Thus, even in the event of a data breach, the customer's payment card information cannot be passed through us into the hands of strangers.

We use Klarna as a check-out provider. This means that we may transfer your personal information in the form of contact and order information to Klarna once the store purchase transaction has been downloaded so that Klarna can manage your purchase. Your transferred personal data will be processed in accordance with Klarna's own privacy statement.

Even outside our online service, all information you provide for the delivery of your order will be stored with due care. The information you provide will only be processed by designated Creo Desing Shop employees for order delivery, invoicing, shipping, and customer service tasks. Our customer database is protected by user-specific usernames and passwords.

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